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Electric Baking Oven(1Tier/1Tray)

Electric Baking Oven(1Tier/1Tray)
Product Detailed

Electric Baking Oven(1Tier/1Tray)VH-11
size of packaging:99*72*49cm

product introduction

Electric Baking Oven(1Tier/1Tray) VH-11

1.each layer of backing ovens can be controlled separately ,and the upper temperature and the

lower temperature can also be regulated respectively.

2.all layers can be used together or sepatate .

3.the temperature of the baking oven can be adjust between the range of 20~300 degrees and

the machine can detected at setting time automatically.



Electric Baking Oven(1Tier/1Tray) VH-11

power supply:220v



machine size:92*-70*40cm

machine net weight:35kg

Gross weight:48kg



Electric Baking Oven(1Tier/1Tray) VH-11

operatin step: the switch to connect the power supply and set the needed temperature .the

green lamp is on at the same time ,the heating tube is workign ,when arrive the setting temperature the

green light will off , and the heating tube stop working .the item will keep the setting temperature automatically.

2.user can adjust the temperature according to different requirement to achieve the effect .

3.there is lighting fixture in the case to watch the situation clearly.

4.turn off the item and cut off the power supply after used .

5.its waterproof effect is it must be used indoor .do not place it where there is not spray to clean the item.

6.the power wires is connected as "x"style .the power wires is allow to change by user own self.but its standard must the same as YZW or YCW plastic wires.

7.electric insulated parts that connect to the lead must be check least one time per half year.

8.this baking oven must be put at the place that dry can be cleaned by neutral detergent and be dried by soft cloth.

9.clean it package and put at the aeration place if do not use it for a long time.




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